Crazy Cats NFT Collection

The Crazy Cats Collection was created to help cats in need. A lot of stray cats were abused or killed by accidents on the road. We will loved to help all these cats to be housed or sheltered from harm.

These cats live day by day hoping someone will feed them food. In order to make sure they are not starved, volunteer organization like CWS will require funds to purchase food and medicine for them.

So, we need your support to buy the Crazy Cats NFT. These funds will help CWS to buy food and medicine to care of the stray cats. With enough funds we can also housed and put these cats into shelters.

A total of 100 NFT is listed in Opensea for sales in batches, of which 45% will go to the CWS. Every NFT sold come with a Utility in the form of whitelist and air drop for future series and profits % too.

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